VCE Tutoring, Revision Lectures and Preparatory Programs

There are currently six different programs and services on offer. Please click on the headings for more information:

Weekly Tutoring
A weekly tutoring session with professional notes and individualised guidance and support. This program provides the special tutelage that will foster proper exam technique and higher study scores.

Mathematics Books
Student guides to VCE Mathematical Methods (CAS) and Specialist Mathematics. These bound books are designed to be taken into the Exam 2 at the end of the year.

English Book
A comprehensive guide to essay writing and text analysis for VCE English.

English Language Book
An exam essay guide for English Language featuring essays written specifically for the VCE exams.

Guest Motivational Speaker
Derrick is available to present a study skills talk at your school. This unique presentation provides exclusive exam and SAC techniques that were personally developed by Derrick to achieve his six perfect study scores.

End-of-Year Revision Lectures
A lecture which revises and explores the underlying mathematical concepts of each topic, as well as the unique exam techniques used by Derrick to achieve perfect study scores.