VCE Motivational Speaker

Derrick is a motivational guest speaker who has helped thousands of VCE students with their studies and exam revision over the last twelve years. His presentations have continually been a resounding success with students because of his engaging speaking style and unique approach to the VCE which led to his six perfect study scores.

Since 2008, Derrick's presentations have motivated students to pursue VCE success and provided practical and real-life advice which can be implemented immediately by students in their study. His motivational talks are unique because they are based on his own exam and study techniques.

Through his talks, Derrick's vision is to inspire students and to provide them with more efficient and effective tools to achieve their VCE goals. Having been through the VCE, Derrick understands the challenges that students face and the factors that lead to ineffective study and procrastination. He recognises the dips in motivation that can occur during the year and the ways to help affected students with regaining confidence, so that they can again achieve to their potential. As a consultant medical doctor, Derrick is also well-equipped to provide advice on life skills and career pathways.


The presentations cater to students of all abilities, and offer:

  • A recount of the tactics used by Derrick, which allowed him to avoid careless mistakes and achieve six perfect VCE study scores
  • An overview on how to approach SACs, statistical moderation and exams in order to maximise study scores
  • Specific subject advice, including both English and mathematics.
  • Detailed descriptions of Derrick's unique study, revision and exam techniques
  • A student's perspective and practical advice on the VCE
  • Advice and tips to help motivate students for their study and exam revision


Derrick's effective and engaging speaking style stems from his extensive public speaking experience. Derrick has lectured extensively for the past twelve years and is also a state-finalist debater and national-finalist mooter. Click here to view students' comments about his annual lecture programs and motivational speaking presentations, which have been held since 2008.

If you are interested in having Derrick speak at your school, then please ask your teacher, year-level coordinator or student leadership group to email for further information.