About Roshan Selvaratnam

Roshan is a former tutor at Derrick Ha Student Coaching Services.. Roshan graduated from Melbourne Grammar School in 2013 with an ATAR of 99.95 and perfect scores in Mathematical Methods CAS, Specialist Mathematics and University Mathematics. He achieved the following study scores:

  Subject Raw Study Score Year
Top 4 Specialist Mathematics 50 (scales to 55) 2013
Mathematical Methods 50 2012
Chinese (Second Language) 50 (scales to 53.8) 2013
English 47 (scales to 47.1) 2013
5th Subject Chemistry 46 (scales to 4.8 increment) 2013
6th Subject University Mathematics 5.0 increment 2013
    Aggregate = 215.7  

Roshan's top academic results earned him full scholarship offers from both The University of Melbourne and Monash University. Click here for the University of Melbourne Scholarships media release.

In addition to his academic achievements, Roshan has excelled in public speaking. He placed third at the Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of Victoria Han Yu Qiao Competition, earning him a trip to China to compete in the World Finals. He has also received many Distinctions in various academic competitions. Roshan also volunteered for five years as a Kids' Leader at the Crossway Baptist Church.

Roshan was a tutor with Derrick Ha Student Coaching Services since finishing the VCE in 2013. He is also a final year medical student at Monash University, but has taken a break in his studies to complete a PhD in obstetrics.