VCE End-of-Year Revision Lectures for Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics

Separate revision lecture programs are available for Mathematical Methods (CAS) 3&4 and Specialist Mathematics 3&4.

Click here to view students' comments about our previous lectures, which have been held since 2008.

The revision programs provide comprehensive coverage of the entire course, with a particular focus on Derrickā€™s proven exam and study technique. Taking a modern approach to lecturing, Derrick actively engages students at the lectures to ensure both a fun and thorough learning experience.

These courses encompass the basics through to advanced concepts, and will suit students of all abilities. The programs feature:

Preparatory Questions

A preparatory question booklet will be provided prior to the lecture with the aim of beginning the revision process many months before the end-of-year exams. This booklet features both short answer and analysis questions that are designed to revise the course and help prepare students for the revision lecture. No other company provides a comprehensive set of preparatory questions to prepare students prior to the lecture.

Revision Lecture

An intensive full-day lecture featuring:

  • A student's perspective on Mathematical Methods CAS/Specialist Mathematics
  • Live demonstrations of Derrick's techniques for solving questions, as well as explanations of his thought process when he reads and answers each question
  • A recount of the tactics used by Derrick in both reading and writing time, which allowed him to avoid careless mistakes and achieve six perfect VCE study scores
  • Special mathematical techniques designed by Derrick that simplify even the most difficult of questions
  • Detailed descriptions of Derrick's study and revision techniques
  • Real-time demonstrations of calculator shortcuts and tricks
  • Exposure to sample VCAA-style exam questions with easy-to-understand and logical solutions
  • Generic methods for writing proofs and completing other difficult problems

The revision lectures are designed to complement and enhance your learning from Derrick Ha's Mathematics Reference Books (Sixth Edition), which you can learn more about here. The books are purchased separately from the lecture program, allowing you to obtain a copy and begin your revision earlier in the year. It is strongly recommended that students obtain a copy of these books if they plan to attend the revision lectures.

*The annual State-wide revision lectures will no longer be held due to Derrick's commitments as a medical doctor. You may instead be interested in Derrick's talks as a guest motivational speaker. His talks include a presentation on the study and exam techniques from the revision lectures, as well as tips and advice relating to other VCE subjects. If you are interested in having Derrick speak at your school, please click here for further information.