VCE Tutoring

Our weekly tutoring classes provide students with year-long guidance to ensure that they can fulfil their mathematical potential. Students are provided with an individualised service that will help them to maximise their SAC and exam scores. In addition to the basic theory, particular focus will be given to the application of skills to exam-style questions, with the aim of beginning exam preparation long before the VCE exams.

Unlike any other course, this weekly tutoring program features exclusive exam and mathematical techniques that were designed and employed by Derrick in achieving his six perfect study scores. These will give students a unique edge over their peers.

Our tutoring centres are located in:

  • Chadstone
    • Tutor: Derrick Ha
    • Subjects: Maths Methods CAS 3&4 and Specialist Mathematics 3&4
  • Camberwell
    • Tutor: Roshan Selvaratnan
    • Subjects: Maths Methods CAS 1&2, Maths Methods CAS 3&4 and Specialist Mathematics 3&4
  • Clyde North & Home Visits (South Eastern Suburbs)
    • Tutor: Kevindu De Silva
    • Subjects: Maths Methods CAS 1&2 and Maths Methods CAS 3&4
    • Home visits are available to students who are enrolling with their own group.

The very small class size per session means that there is a very limited number of places available. It is imperative that you register your details now to avoid disappointment. Places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

2020 registrations are now open for all of our venues. Places are very limited and will be allocated based on the date of first enquiry. If you are interested in tutoring for 2020, then please email . If you are interested in tutoring for 2021 and furture years, then please enter your details in the form below.