VCE Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics Bound Reference Books

VCE Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics

Derrick Ha’s VCE Mathematics Bound Reference Books are indispensable student guides that have assisted thousands of students over the past twelve years. These books convey Derrick's unique viewpoint on mathematics, as well as his insights into the intricacies of the VCE examinations. The popularity of these books has culminated in the release of the Sixth Editions in 2016. The latest edition has been updated to reflect the curent 2016-2022 study design.

The author of the books was the top VCE performer in 2007, scoring perfect raw scores of 50 in all six of his VCE subjects, including Mathematical Methods (completed in Year 10), Specialist Mathematics and University Mathematics. Derrick also achieved a perfect score in the 2007 Australian Mathematics Competition, which was the top score in Australasia. With this in mind, you can be confident that these books will provide a comprehensive and special perspective on mathematics that cannot be found elsewhere.

The features of the books include:

  • Updated for the 2016-2022 study design
  • Concise notes that provide a unique, easy-to-understand perspective on every topic
  • Hand-written solutions that show how to set out working in a VCE exam
  • Specifically written to be used as a bound reference and for exam revision
  • Annotations that describe the thought process behind a solution
  • Revision chapters with exam style questions that expose students to the common tricks found in VCE exams
  • Four exclusive and challenging trial exams with comprehensive hand-written solutions that demonstrate the correct setting-out for the VCE
  • 'Exam tips’ that help to prevent the loss of marks due to careless mistakes or incorrect setting out
  • Allows students to delve into the intricacies of each topic to develop the deep understanding required for SACs and exams
  • A comprehensive resource that complements students' learning from the textbook
  • The new 6th edition of the books is now available for order. Please use the Order Form below.

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