Endorsements - VCE Tutoring

"Having been through it all, Derrick is not just a teacher, but also a mentor and friend - someone you could easily relate to. Approachable and awesome, Derrick is the best tutor you can find. His passionate explanations, exceptional understanding and detailed examples do not only stimulate your brain cells - they will also motivate and strengthen your love for the strange world of mathematics!"
Vivienne Lai, Year 12, Killester College

"Derrick's not like any other tutor I've been to before. His explanations are detailed and in depth, and the learning environment is extremely friendly. It's a place that I enjoy going to learn from and I'm definitely getting a lot out of it. I believe it's an extremely worthwhile program to attend and it may just give you that edge over the rest of the state."
Michael Zou, Year 12, Haileybury College

"A really good teacher tends to be someone who not only has a complex understanding of the material, but also has the unique ability to adapt to the learning style of an individual and understand the common questions that arise while grasping a new concept. In the lessons I’ve had with Derrick I’ve found that he answers my questions before I even get a chance to ask them, and despite his reputation of unquestionable brilliance, he’s an extremely approachable teacher. His deep comprehension of the ideas that are embedded in the material provide you with a different perspective of what you’re learning and add to the fun of the learning experience. Derrick provides a relaxed but stimulating learning environment. He is an awesome mentor, who has motivated me towards success."
Chavy Arora, Year 11, MacRobertson Girls' High School

"Best tutor out of all the other tutors I've been to. Each lesson is like a week of class in school. 10/10."
Barry Vo, Year 12, Huntingtower

"Derrick is an absolute genius who gives everyone equal attention and is very helpful with his explanations...I really like the relaxed atmosphere in small groups...everyone has their own opinions and contributions and this allows me to learn off the others too...9.95 out of 10.”
Shirley Gan, Year 12, Haileybury Girls College

"The tutorials are well prepared and thorough...the explanations that he gives us when we're stuck are easy to understand and help us with our problems.”
Jessica Yuong, Year 11, MacRobertson Girls' High School

"I've really benefited from the methods you use to teach, especially when you simplify the harder concepts, making problems much more accessible. 10/10"
DanQing Shi, Year 12, Loreto Mandeville Hall

"The sessions have been very helpful, especially when preparing for assessment at school. The weekly notes have been a great tool for revision."
Rhyan Fry, Year 12, St Josephs College Ferntree Gully

"Tutoring is something I usually dread but with Derrick it's an experience I know I will gain a lot from. I sometimes find it hard to get a grasp on the many ideas and concepts. However, Derrick's clear and concise notes and method of explaining things has helped me immensely. He is professional, friendly and creative in his teaching in a way that allows me to understand even the most difficult of topics and questions. For me, Derrick has added a whole new dimension to the world of mathematics that I never would have discovered in my normal school learning. His program is one I would recommend very highly to anyone who wants to succeed and achieve their very best.”
Nisha Ajmera, Year 12, Haileybury Girls College

"The notes - they are really good at explaining and especially good for revising over past topics. Honestly, they are 100 times better than my textbook!...9.95 out of 10”
Leah Roy, Year 12, Glen Waverley Secondary College

"Wow. Wow. Derrick is amazing at breaking down difficult concepts to make them extremely understandable. His excellent notes and teaching style give you a very detailed insight into the sometimes overwhelming topics. The atmosphere is electric.
Trung Ngo, Year 12, Haileybury College