About Samuel Chee

Samuel is a former tutor at Derrick Ha Student Coaching Services. He now works as a full-time doctor at Monash Health.

Samuel graduated from Balwyn High School in 2013 with a perfect raw study score of 50 in Specialist Mathematics, a perfect UMAT score of 100 and an ATAR score of 99.75. He is currently studying medicine at Monash University.


Scaled Study Score
(Raw Score in Brackets)

Top 4 Specialist Mathematics 55.0 (50) 2013 (Year 12)
Maths Methods (CAS) 48.9 (47) 2012 (Year 11)
Chemistry 47.5 (45) 2013
English Language 44.0 (42) 2012
5th Subject Further Mathematics 4.9 increment (49) 2013
6th Subject Physics 4.3 increment (41) 2013
    Aggregate = 204.6  
Extra 7th Subject Music Performance 41 2011 (Year 10)

Samuel was tutored by Derrick for Specialist Mathematics, and was able to combine this mentoring with his own mathematical abilities to achieve a perfect score. Whilst completing Year 12, Samuel also gained experience as a tutor in Mathematical Methods. He joined Derrick Ha Student Coaching Services after graduating in 2013.

He is also a classically trained musician, achieving Grade 8 in piano and AMusA in cello through AMEB. He participated in the Melbourne Youth Orchestra in 2011, performing various notable works including The Planets by Gustav Holst. Samuel also plays in the Senior String Orchestra, Cello Quartet and Symphony Orchestra at Balwyn High School.

Samuel was awarded a Senior School Principal’s Award, in acknowledgement of his commitment to the music program at Balwyn High School and his excellent academic results.

Samuel’s other extracurricular achievements include:

  • Manningham Eisteddfod 1st Place – Cello Quartet 2013
  • Ballarat Southstreet Eisteddfod 1st Place – Balwyn High Senior Strings 2008-2010, 2012-2013
  • Table Tennis State Runners-up – Balwyn High 2011
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award 2010