Endorsements - VCE Summer Holiday Preparatory Programs

“Derrick has an amazing ability to clearly explain material. He makes sure that everyone understands it through examples and observing each student. The program was very well organised which saved lots of study time. The booklets were very well made...I am very glad that I found about Derrick just in time to get the last available place. I really liked the way he carried out each session with great attention to detail and a happy personality. Thanks for the help Derrick and keep up the great work! 10 out of 10”
James Le, Year 12, Balwyn High School

“Derrick changed my approach to subject so that I now work until understanding. Also, I found it useful to learn about how examiners think...Derrick’s academic brilliance is possibly only surpassed by his ability to teach. Genius personified!”
Sarrva Mehta, Year 12, Melbourne High School

“Tutoring has never been so fun! Derrick knows what he’s talking about and is very patient and nice. Thanks!!! You’re my favourite spesh tutor ever!!!”
Emmeline Be, Year 12, Methodist Ladies’ College

"Unlike other summer holiday programs for methods, I found this one much more effective. Being able to freely ask questions due to the small group is not something I could really do in the big classroom lectures other companies offer. Derrick is very approachable and his notes will undoubtedly be useful during the year. 10/10."
Aneesh Tiwary, Year 12, Melbourne High School

“It really helped me to understand the basics for this year and I have learnt so much already! Thanks for all the little hints and help – it was really great how you showed us different methods and ways to remember things! 10/10.”
Daniella Gudzoski, Year 11, Killester College

"Great notes, friendly atmosphere and great working environment...10 out of 10"
Ryan Abeyawardene, Year 12, Melbourne High School

"Derrick's classes were a joy to attend. His teaching was highly efficient and his emphasis on the conceptual understanding of mathematics gave me the confidence to tackle even the most challenging problems. Derrick is always easy to approach and explains everything with amazing clarity and detail. The summer holiday program can definitely give you that head-start to succeed in year 12 mathematics. 10/10."
Michael Zhu, Year 12, Caulfield Grammar

"The tutorials set the students on a stable foundation for the upcoming year. Derrick's in-depth teaching style fills every potential pothole a specialist 3/4 student could trip over."
Semonti Modak, Year 12, The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School

"In addition to the comprehensive notes, the exam and study techniques given from a successful student's perspective became an even greater resource for exam revision. These tutorials were a great start to the year and I would recommend it to all students."
Tue Giang, Year 12, Camberwell Grammar

"The summer holiday program helped give us an insight into the course, with thorough explanations from Derrick which ensured that we were approaching year 12 with the best preparation possible."
Samuel Tang, Year 12, Melbourne High School

“Because my mathematical concepts and basics were very rusty from MM1/2 and GMS, the tutoring sessions helped heaps by reviewing the basics before learning the more advanced concepts...It was really helpful that we learnt the reasons and the background behind the formulas because the process of memorising formulas is otherwise tedious...The notes were so precisely explained!”
Nadia Chau, Year 12, Presbyterian Ladies’ College

“The Summer Holiday Program was very helpful. It was a good decision to attend your tutorial sessions because they gave me a solid foundation to start the year confidently.”
Linda Ho, Year 12, The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School

“The techniques were taught in a way that I could effectively grasp and feel comfortable with, much different from other tutors who drop you at the deep end of the pool and expect you to swim.”
Julia Lee, Year 11, The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School

“I found the clear ‘why’ explanations most useful. Normal class doesn’t explain ‘why’ so I’m often left unsure about many things. It’s great that you cover it and fill the gaps”.
Nikki Cunnington, Year 11, The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School

“When explaining how to do questions, not just the mathematical theory was explained – exam specific tips (stuff to look out for) were also very helpful...the notes were comprehensive with detailed worked examples, which where helpful when stuck on a question... very helpful overall, I now have a much firmer grasp on topics I found difficult before. Tips for exams will be helpful during the year, such as things examiners take marks off for”
Rohan Hardikar, Year 12, Melbourne High School