Endorsements - VCE Revision Lectures 2011

Mathematical Methods

“Raised crucial points along with additional tricks that I hadn’t heard before. The tips are so good you’d feel like applying them as soon as you learn them… Derrick’s understanding of effective teaching was a standout… a skilled presenter who is enthusiastic and engaging. This kept me absorbed for the entire lecture and really aided in the learning process. A great lecture that I would definitely recommend for anyone seeking a unique perspective on the course. 10/10”
Samad Raza, Melbourne High School

“Your insightful knowledge and down-to-earth attitude makes a dry and difficult subject interesting and enjoyable. …Having been to many other lectures, it was really refreshing having a lecturer who had been in our shoes. The fact that you were a recent student meant that all the techniques and advice you gave was extremely relevant. …I feel more confident for the upcoming exam and believe that I will be able to attain a much higher study score than I previously thought possible. AWESOME!!! …10/10”

Justin Huang, Melbourne High School

“The handy hints on how to study and approach exams were a real help. They’re the tricks of the trade few people know and I’m glad that I know now. The inclusion of ways to answer a question rather than just memorising formulas showed me that if I get stuck, there is another way. Derrick’s handy tips gave me another way to look at the end of year exams and approach them less stressed and less scared”

Lauren Hudwell, Beaconhills College

“Derrick is a great orator and explains methods clearly and carefully, in a way that we could really understand. This lecture was the best and most effective revision lecture I have been to. I have learnt a lot of things that my teachers haven’t properly covered at school. Instead of giving a brief run-down of the entire course, Derrick explains alternative solution pathways and common errors to watch out for. …I found Derrick’s revision program very engaging and his techniques and approach to answering questions highly inspiring”

Janet Xi, Box Hill High School

“Derrick... simply exudes inspiration. I would definitely go again! 10/10”

Andrew Cheng, Balwyn High School

“In relation to the book, I found that I understood the course 100% more than in my classroom lessons. The way it was simply explained allowed me to use the information/rules and apply it to my work.… I’m so glad my friend advised me to come, as it has really strengthened my understanding of maths and techniques to help me solve and go about the questions. The book has been a great investment and I prefer it over my textbook.”

Sienna Tardini, PCW Windsor

“I used to hate methods but Derrick has made methods achievable and doable even for weak students. 10/10”

Camilla Doyle, Loreto Mandeville Hall

“What I found most rewarding was the special ‘Derrick’ exam tips of how to revise and tackle questions”

Smyrna Parvez, Rowville Secondary College

“Unlike any other lectures I’ve been to, this one kept me focused and motivated the entire time. The lecture solidified any gaps I had in my knowledge and taught me many valuable efficient tips and tricks.”

Daniel Trzebinski, Keilor Downs College

“Derrick turned the most boring and uninteresting content into something that I now endeavour to master. He made me not only want to do well, but taught me how to become the best. Derrick’s excellent teaching has now given me the skills and confidence to prove to all those who think I won’t do well, that I will do well in my methods exams. Thank you
Eric Payad, Melbourne High School

“Derrick addressed ways to minimise careless mistakes which are a recurring problem for me.”

Peranevi Thayaparan, MacRobertson Girls’ High School

“The insightful knowledge that Derrick Ha provides reveals gaps in many students’ knowledge, furthering them to try harder and succeed in their VCE mathematical methods career. I would highly recommend this lecture to any of my friends, after going to many of his competitors.”

Priya Sunder, John Monash Science School

“What I found most rewarding were the exam tips, techniques and tricks that you don’t receive at school, which help you achieve a better final score. It can only come from someone who has completed the VCE and achieved excellence.”

Leela Wilson, Camberwell Girls’ Grammar School

“The insightful exam tips and calculator tips proved very helpful. Awesome lecture, worth every cent. 10/10.”

Lahiru Abeysinghe, Parade College 

“Derrick’s lectures, unlike many other lectures I’ve been to, are genuinely fun and interesting and actually have pieces of advice that directly benefit your study score. It doesn’t even feel like it was a 7 hour maths lecture because it was so engaging…Haven’t been to better, awesome job. 10 out of 10.”

David Liu, Melbourne Grammar School

“Insightful advice on exam technique and thought processes involved in answering exam style questions correctly…Strongly recommended to all who want to improve their maths methods study score and understanding. 10/10”

Darien Narain, Haileybury College

“Excellent clarity regarding explanations for simplifying to solve the question step by step. The pace is fast enough to cover a high amount of content yet slow enough for students to follow”

Jane Le, MacRobertson Girls’ High School

“I find Derrick Ha’s teaching very engaging helpful as he points out many tricks that I have never encountered before. He has a great sense of humour as demonstrated in his power points. Definitely worth going. 10/10”

Tony Truong, Melbourne High School

“Insightful, providing numerous study techniques and various ways to tackle specific problems coupled with his explanation of the thinking required to answer certain questions, made for an engaging learning experience”

William Jiang, John Monash Science School

“…ideal revision as well as helpful tips which will undoubtedly benefit students in the exam. His patient and enthusiastic attitude also inspires students to learn and make the most of his advice... 10/10”

Daniella Lee, MacRobertson Girls’ High School

“Amazing lecture… learnt what I didn’t realise I’d forgotten and now have the opportunity to revise further with your book”

Cordell Carmody, Westbourne Grammar

“This lecture was very useful and enjoyable. It made me realise that I need to change my study habits”

Julia Nguyen, Caroline Chisholm Catholic College

“The way you explained modulus functions was really clear, which I’m very grateful for as it is a concept I have found quite difficult to grasp… This lecture has been extremely useful in helping to refresh and consolidate my knowledge on key concepts for the exam as well as kick-starting my motivation for study. Thanks Derrick, I really appreciate it!”

Emma Roberts, Donvale Secondary College

“Helpful insights into what is required for the exam, how to best prepare for it and maximise marks”

Meagan Tucker, Vermont Secondary College

“Actually showed me how to use the CAS calculator quickly and efficiently”

Amy Chhour, Rowville Secondary College

“Emphasis on thinking techniques as opposed to rote learning to solve more difficult problems. …Informative and engaging. I would recommend Derrick’s lecture to friends in future years. His unique teaching style is well suited to his teenage audience”

Luke McPhail, Beaconhills College

“USEFUL exam/study techniques that teachers at school don’t provide. …It was great to have a lecturer that knew exactly what year 12’s around the state were going through”

Patricia Tu, Kerang Technical High School

“Your bound book makes my life soo much easier in methods!!!!!!”

Helen Tran, Killester College

“This lecture is not simply an overview of the year – your new ideas and different ways to tackle certain situations will be more useful for students in strife. Explanations are concise, detailed and constructive”

Jonathan Lim, Vermont Secondary College

“This lecture is definitely much more worth it compared to other lectures. The passion in teaching and in helping the students came through the teaching method. The exam tips are also very unique, yet so helpful! They are comparatively much more do-able than tips given through other lectures… thank you for taking time out from your busy uni schedule to help us”

Susana Chen, Brentwood Secondary College

“Really good. I found it wasn’t ultimately just maths based and talked about approaching questions with a vast amount of techniques, methodically but also logically which would help in the exam when trying to identify the steps required to reach the correct answer”

Jelena Maric, Westbourne Grammar

“Derrick encouraged using multiple techniques to solve a particular question compared to a set technique at school. His exam tips gave me a different approach to adopt during reading time. …Derrick gave me a different insight into maths, which my teacher didn’t do. Taught me to think outside the square”

Kevin Tran, Haileybury College

“The lecture was really helpful in tying up loose ends on the Mathematical Methods course. I was able to learn a lot of exam techniques that I could use not only for Maths Methods but also for my other subjects at school. It also gave me the motivation and confidence I needed to face the trial exams and end of year exams.”

Teresa Lim, John Monash Science School


Specialist Maths

“What I found most rewarding was Derrick’s insight into the intricacies of the course and his ability to teach us these in a very clear manner. The exam tips were outstanding. They showed what it really takes to succeed in VCE mathematics.”
Samad Raza, Melbourne High School

“I guess any lecture can give you good revision. However, the aspect that makes Derrick’s lecture unique above all is the personal insight, advice and knowledge on the tricks, carelessness and just things in general that other programs would not include. That is the essence, after all, of going to an external source – to receive advice that you don’t normally receive. In this department, which is the most important, Derrick’s lecture excelled”

Matthew Minas, Xavier College

“Derrick’s in-depth analysis and thorough outlining of his own thought process when dealing with questions was especially useful…also, the use of and dissecting of conceptual ideas behind the topics gave me a better understanding of how to apply them to questions…makes specialist maths seem easy…10 out of 10”

Bobby Chen, Haileybury College

“Unlike many other lectures, this program was not tedious at all, and we managed to cover the full syllabus in significant detail within a reasonable timeframe. Very productive! The bound reference book will be perfect for the end-of-year exams, and it is both detailed and easy to understand. 10 out of 10”

Alicia Lu, Camberwell Girls’ Grammar School

“It was a great and helpful learning experience, and reassuring that Derrick had been in the exact same situation as us a few years ago so he knew what we were going through, unlike many other lecturers who are teachers. 10 out of 10”

Timothy Huynh, Northcote High School

“Learnt tricks and information not taught in schools…Awesome lecture. Derrick Ha, you are the best VCE maths lecturer. You have taught me the tricks to succeed in the VCE!! 10/10”

Gene Lai, Viewbank College

“Covered the whole course in the time allotted and an insight into a former VCE student’s mind was more informative than other lecturer's.”

Alexander Makridis, Marcellin College

“The techniques covered were wide ranging and great for improving your study and exam technique…Derrick is very motivating and a good role model”

Istafa Raza, Melbourne High School

“I found many useful CAS techniques that I never learnt about before. This will really save heaps of time in my exams! Also, the tips on the exams were very beneficial and I will surely take them on board!”

Susie Tang, Killester College

“Derrick’s extraordinary knowledge in all facets of Specialist maths enhances the examples as he is able to highlight all the typical hints and tricks. His revision lecture is a great way to revise, providing valuable exam techniques.”

John Khamtanh, Melbourne High School

“Derrick dismantled the notion that the specialist course is difficult and allowed me to grasp the concepts easily. 10/10”

Vasily Skalova, Noble Park Secondary College

“Best lecture I have been to. Covered topics in great detail and explained things in easy to understand terms. Derrick was very well spoken and easy to follow and gave accounts of his own experiences in the VCE which were of great help.”

Ryan Crosby, Camberwell Grammar School

“The lecture was insightful, unlike a TSFX or NEAP lecture which just covers the basics”

John Wong, Melbourne High School

“A very informative lecture both aiding my revision and rehashing certain aspects of the course that have escaped my memory. I would definitely recommend this to any friends looking to revise thoroughly.”

Angelo Labrador, Parade College

“An enjoyable lecture that allows students to learn the material without fear of Specialist Mathematics. Derrick’s teaching style simplifies difficult concepts, which allows students to absorb readily and effectively.”

Danny Chang, Camberwell Grammar School

“Highlighted areas of study that were not covered at school…a great lecture that provides a comprehensive review of the entire course and relates specifically to the VCAA exams. Highly recommended.”

Anthony Nguyen, Balwyn High School

“I found your exam tips and techniques really useful. I now know how to better approach exam preparation and the exam questions themselves. I feel more confident about preparing for the Specialist Maths exam.”

Sinali Kaggodaarachchi, MacRobertson Girls’ High School

“I found the explanations of ‘conceptual understanding’ really helpful and effective in giving me a better understanding
Kelly Wheatley, Mount St Joseph Girls’ College

“The lecture was very enjoyable and easily worth the money. Derrick ensured that students of all capabilities had a learning experience”

Faisal Bashari, Wantirna College

“Derrick provided an indication of what high achieving students need to work on and aim for, especially in terms of scoring and grading. Derrick has a great way of conveying seemingly complex thought processes – and I found this better than all other revision lectures I attended”

Kalpana Sivakumar, Mentone Girls’ Secondary College

“A very enjoyable lecture with useful tips and tricks regarding exam technique, preparation and how to approach unfamiliar questions”

Daniel Lewis, Melbourne High School