Endorsements - VCE Revision Lectures 2010

Mathematical Methods

"An extremely helpful lecture that has boosted both my confidence in methods and my motivation to complete trial exams. It certainly was real value for money and I will certainly force all of my year 11 friends to attend next year."
Tom Kuruvilla, Melbourne High School

"Derrick Ha has provided me with useful and valuable first-hand exam experiences that school teachers are not capable of providing. I am very grateful of what Derrick Ha has provided - the trial exams, tips and tricks have all helped me in my preparation of my final math methods exam!"

Rachel Cheong, Glen Eagles Secondary College

"The lecture was by far the best lectures I've ever been to. I was impressed by the gradated difficulty of examples, the discovery of unknown calculator functions which proved to be VERY useful for the future, the advice, and everything from the book... 10/10"

Charmindi Gunasekara, Haileybury Girls College

"The revision book is a great summary of the methods 3&4 course and I will use it as my bound reference in the end of year exam. 10/10"

Lily Xu, Korowa Anglican Girls' School

"The whole program has a clear sheen of consummate professionalism. Unlike school, Derrick emphasises conceptual understanding as opposed to rote-learning and I have found the lectures not only enriching, but thoroughly enjoyable. Having been to his competitors, I can safely say Derrick's program is the best by far."

Will Kleid, Haileybury College

"Derrick was a great presenter and presented his ideas in a way that was interesting and got the message across. I feel I could really use everything that he shared and of course, the note book is amazing. The bound book will be incredibly helpful for revision and the exam"

Jane Lau, Genazzano College

"Amazing! Well worth the money and time. A must for all methods students. 10/10."

David Xue, Camberwell Grammar

"Best lecture I've been to this whole exam period. Wasn't rushed, top quality notes, clear and concise explanations. Not going to this lecture will hinder your performance and study score. Simply, Derrick's lecture + you = Awesome score + boosted morale. 10/10."
Adrian Dedic, Padua College

"I always struggled with mathematics. When applying for this lecture I was hoping that everything in the methods curriculum would be shown in a simple fashion - and it was. I found the lecture awesome. Derrick did a really good job."

Stephen Stellini, Emmanuel College

"The bound reference book is extremely extensive and Derrick’s insight to maths methods is very helpful and his tips are very important for revision and exams. 10/10."
Katherine Milne, Toorak College

"I would definitely recommend people to go to Derrick Ha. The bound book is exceptionally well written"
Simran Kaur, Killester College

"Derrick was a very good explainer. He simplified the concepts and gave us tips or techniques to tackle the exam and any problems we might encounter. He was clear and precise, so I recommend this lecture to all students in the future."
Linda Su, Killester College

"The revision book is excellent – takes away the stress of making a reference book which wastes actual revision time."

Emma Butler, Genazzano College

"The lecture was incredibly well run and it was incredibly enjoyable, as well as satisfying my needs. A lot of theory was covered during the short amount of time. Also, it was easy to understand. 10/10."
Felix Fung, Melbourne High School

"The resource book is AMAZING. 10/10"

Rhiannon DeClase, St Monica's College

"I found the lecture very enjoyable and engaging, which really helps in getting the most out of the lecture. Derrick presented the course and exam techniques in a way that we were all able to relate to and understand easily, something which I haven't been able to get out of other lectures."
Dev Bhattacharya, Melbourne High School

"I found this lecture extremely useful and worthwhile as it has provided me helpful tips in math methods. By going through exam questions thoroughly and providing exam techniques, it has left me feeling more positive and confident about this subject."
Aniki Lee, Emmaus College

"Great program and book - greatly helped me! Good to hear an ex-student perspective. Helpful exam tips. Much needed and enjoyed."
Natalie Tencic, Methodist Ladies College

Specialist Maths

"This lecture has given me a greater understanding of the concepts and trick questions. I sometimes struggle really hard, but the lecture has boosted my understanding and confidence! 10/10"
Dalin Ty, Killester College

"This lecture was a great experience. I have gained essential knowledge on how to use my CAS, and the step by step working out and explanations were very useful. 10/10"
Sivly Tang, Killester College

"The tips/tricks/calc functions were really useful and all in all, the lecture was very helpful - would definitely recommend it to others."
Maja Santic, Noble Park Secondary College

"Perfect lecture. Best one I've been to that has managed to cater for all students."
Louise Kelly, Melbourne Girls Grammar

"The lecture revised all topics thoroughly and was extremely helpful."
Adele Ta, MacRobertson Girls' High School

"Brilliant lecture - would love to attend again. Demonstrated that you know the syllabus inside out. Keep it up."
Dung Tong, Sunshine College

"Never before seen calculator tricks - great!"
Semonti Modak, MacRobertson Girls' High School

"I really enjoyed your overall structure of the lecture; going through the conceptual theory, identifying the tricks involved in the topic, providing some examples and short breaks in-between... Revision book is great! Definitely using it for my exam! 10/10."
Penny Lay, Killester College

"Derrick made specialist maths very enjoyable and the note book is very thorough and precise. Overall, a very fun lecture and definitely worthwhile."
Anne Le, MacRobertson Girls' High School

"Exam technique, simplified theory, timely motivation - this lecture has it all. I am now better prepared for the specialist maths exams. Derrick Ha's lecture is not to be missed."
Matthew Vanmidde, Heatherton Christian College

"The revision program was well-presented and engaging. Derrick related well to a teenage audience, using humour to keep us interested."
April Watson, Cranbourne Secondary College

"The revision program has given me the skills, resources, and techniques I need to get a really high study score in specialist mathematics."
Sean Kempster, Caulfield Grammar School