Endorsements - VCE Revision Lectures 2009

Specialist Maths

"I found new methods that make my working much quicker... Excellent presentation, great speaker covered difficult concepts precisely – easy to understand notes and material. Very well prepared powerpoint and presentation. He knows his stuff very well!! PERFECT"
Casey Giulieri, Glen Waverley Secondary College

"Derrick was an effective and interesting speaker...The lecture offered a number of tips and techniques which made concepts simpler and assisted me in improving general mathematical skills...The book is really good and saves a large amount of time that I would have spent compiling my own bound book"

Kunal Luthra, Melbourne High School

"The revision book is an excellent resource which covers the course in depth and makes it easy to understand. Derrick Ha is a teacher with a deep understanding of the material and when he explains a concept, he delves into where it comes from and why we need to use it. This makes it simple to visualise and remember and, most importantly, apply."

Nichita Gavrilescu, Box Hill High School

"By far the best lecture for any subject I have been to. Class was extremely well controlled which made the learning experience so much easier. Raised a lot of very important points to remember for not only the exam, but for the weeks leading up to it. Calculator tips also were beneficial."

Matthew Yap, Melbourne High School

"Derrick's approach to mathematics was quite innovative in that he provided alternative solutions to question in a logical fashion. His systematic thought process has enlightened me in not just to memorise formulae and fixed steps to problems, but to tackle them in a logical sense.
Nicholas Yee, Rosebud Secondary College

"...going through a lot of difficult questions that come up on exams frequently – both rewarding and enjoyable ...10 out of 10"

Jennie Do, Wantirna College

"The tips and tricks that were presented gave me confidence in my exam technique. Overall, was a great lecture. Derrick was confident in the material that he was presenting and the bound book that was provided proved to be excellent material for exam study."

Tharaka Abeydeera, St John’s Regional College

"The lecture covered the topics that I found most difficult in spec maths. The notes are clear and easily understandable....The revision program was extremely helpful and helped with the troubles I had throughout specialist."

Yasmin Adams, Mornington Secondary College

"Overall, the revision program was great and really helpful. I feel much more prepared for the two end of year exams. Thank you! 10/10"

Jessica Tran, Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College

"The things I found most rewarding were the depth of concepts and the alternative method of approaching complex equations. The book is very useful."

Tim Chang, Wantirna College

"The projected live working-out done by Derrick was good as it showed how to set out solutions and the order in which to take the steps...Everything was very useful, and the way he explained the concepts was clear and concise."

Abid Khan, Melbourne High School

Derrick addressed all the important key points and ‘tricks’ in order to assist us to achieve a good score.... The lecture was engaging and the book is very insightful to the syllabus."

Ken Chai, Glen Waverley Secondary College

"The revision book is great – there’s detailed theory as well as worked examples, and also includes calculator tips."

Gina Yang, MacRobertson Girls’ High School

"Revision book is more detailed than others out there as it includes personal handwritten examples. It has everything needed to be known and simple explanations... Derrick Ha was a confident, relaxed speaker who clearly knew what he was talking about."

Danielle Pu, MacRobertson Girls’ High School

The revision program was excellent and should be essential to all students."

Sam Hoac, Wellington Secondary College

"The book is great, it covers everything in the course giving tips and examples. Derrick is a great crowd speaker and easy to understand. Made spec fun and interesting.

Andrew Toigo, St John’s Regional College

"Derrick’s teaching is very clear. His explanations and examples have helped me improve my understanding of the whole specialist maths course. The book is awesome because it is so detailed and has plenty of examples...I would definitely take it to the exam. Overall it is a great lecture”

Danny Lay, Highvale Secondary College

Mathematical Methods

"The book is very informative and is very useful. Derrick’s lecture was entertaining and the tips were very helpful. It helped increase my confidence. It’s worthwhile! I would recommend it for anyone who is seeking help!"
Han Ngoc Van, Melbourne Girls’ College

"The notes provided were very comprehensive and the exam technique preparation was very informative. The emphasis on preparing for real exam conditions and error detection drew my attention to previously neglected aspects of approaching the methods exams."

Jack Sun, Melbourne High School

"It gives insight to different ways of solving a question, prompts me to REALLY understand why I am doing a step, not just memorising formulas. Makes maths fun!"

Evonne Shum, Presbyterian Ladies College

"His lectures never fail to impress and his book is pretty much...perfect. Derrick is the best :D"

Julia Lee, MacRobertson Girls'; High School"

"In group tutoring and in the lecture, Derrick focuses on understanding concepts, the sorts of where certain aspects of maths come from. This is very effective as once you gain the indepth conceptual understanding, solving any question becomes a lot easier"

Zubin Malhotra, Melbourne High School

"Derrick was a really enthusiastic teacher with a great sense of humour. He taught me some great tricks when it comes to the exam and solving equations and was easy to learn in the comfortable lecture room. The book will give me a significant amount of assistance leading up to the exam."

James Carrington, Assumption College

"Very impressed... overall a very in-depth lecture. The book looks impressive and the lecture covered all major areas of the course. 10/10"

Alex Plecan, Box Hill High School

"I felt that his discussion and insight with the subject were refreshing, especially compared to that of the teacher at school. He covered all the material very thoroughly."

Michael Lim, Melbourne High School

"Derrick: scarily smart and very well-spoken
Book: really amazingly good
Lecture: very worthwhile, inspiring"

Anna Kilmartin, Genazzano FCJ College

"Derrick has made his lectures entertaining and informative. The bound notes are fantastic and a good time saver. I enjoyed the video clips and they kept it interesting.

Sarah McPherson, Methodist Ladies’ College

"The exam techniques and how-to-maximise-enter skills are very useful. No teachers at school have ever gone through such detailed, applicable tactics."

Caroline Yung, Presbyterian Ladies’ College

"Derrick provides an excellent book and lecture which is delivered confidently. He relates all topics to the exam and gives good exam preparation advice. The lecture is well structured and has been thoroughly helpful and enjoyable."

Jonathan McCafferty, Balwyn High School

"Derrick Ha is a genius. He also has an uncanny ability to transfer his intellect into the minds of students. The bound reference book is ideal for exam 2 and saved me a lot of time. I highly recommend anyone who wants to score well to attend Derrick Ha’s lectures."

Mithunnan Saseesharan, Balwyn High School

"Today was extremely beneficial towards my understanding of mathematical methods as well as my study score =). I would like to thank Derrick profoundly for sharing his valuable advice and expertise with myself and many others. He is a very intelligent and insightful young man."

Jasmine Davie, Newhaven College

"Great notes and very engaging presentation. It was great to hear advice given from personal VCE experience and it was great to be given time to tackle the problems throughout the lecture. Been a fantastic day! Thanks for all your help =)"

Caitlin Latto, Mater Christi College

"Derrick explains things in a way that simplifies the most complex topics in mathematical methods 3/4. Attending the lecture has been highly beneficial in boosting my study score and his revision book is extremely helpful.
Tom Lyte, Balwyn High School

"Well worth the time, money and travel! Found it very useful. Derrick kept the mood of the lecture light and interesting which was the main difference for me. Definitely recommending!"

Elly Burley, Kilvington Girls’ Grammar

"Insightful, entertaining lecture that was definitely worth going to even if just for revision. Honest advice and useful exam tips."

Lily Zhao, MacRobertson Girls’ High School

"Really good job Derrick! Definitely worth the money and time. The bound book is an absolute bible, and your explanations made calculus look like prep math."

Adrienne Kher, Haileybury College

"The book is fantastic. It was really thorough. The lecture itself provided a lot of useful tips, information and advice. It really made me want to change the way I study. Thanks 10/10"

Jessica Chau, MacRobertson Girls’ High School

"I loved the lecture, found it very interesting and helpful. Derrick is a great speaker, can really relate to students and showed us great exam techniques. The book will be of enormous help and pretty much covers everything."

James Nguyen, Haileybury College