Endorsements - VCE Revision Lectures 2008

“Derrick made complex processes much more simplistic and easier to understand. It was an excellent lecture. I’ve been to many other companies that do revision lectures but this was the best by far. Small class size, perfect speed, excellent notes, great presenter and the info could be understood well. The book is really good and saves me time writing up notes now. Thanks heaps
:-). 10 out of 10”

Vicki Triantis, Canterbury Girls Secondary College

“I’ve attended lectures at top VCE providers like Neap and TSFX and found Derrick’s presentation the most helpful. His use of entertaining slides kept me interested while his insight and explanations were second to none. Great notes. Picked up a lot of awesome tips. Thank you.”

Lynne Bui, Avila College

“I found new ways of approaching certain questions and topics, which were easier and more understandable than those I was previously taught…I was exposed to questions that I had never come across before, and this has widened my horizons on how to approach questions… When I first looked at the book, I thought, ‘Wow, I am so taking this into the exam!’… The lecture furthered my understanding of topics I had already covered, as well as giving me helpful tips which I will definitely take on board for my exams. I really am glad I have come today, so thanks heaps Derrick! :-)

Vivienne Lai, Killester College

“The video links were most enjoyable because they created effective and memorable associations to important tips…It was great to go through the thought process when being  confronted with difficult questions because it exposed different ways of solving a question…Derrick really takes an in-depth, extensive, analytical look into questions and maths in general. Also, I feel that he really understands the concerns of students and addresses them empathetically.”
Hui-Ling Yeoh, MacRobertson Girls’ High School

“The first thing that I found most rewarding about this revision program was gaining the knowledge of what examiners look to take marks off for. The second thing was gaining insight on how a previous VCE student tackled his exams and what he did to prepare for it…The lecture was awesome. I enjoyed it a lot as it wasn’t a boring lecture. The book was placed together very neatly and in an orderly fashion. Derrick was also great. He spoke clearly and at a suitable pace that made me understand much more than I did before. I also enjoyed his comments on his own experience. I will recommend this to my friends next year. Thank you Derrick for providing this lecture!”

Jenny Ma, Killester College

“A great and enjoyable lecture! Definitely worth it! Notes are well structure and cover the entire course in detail, which is easier to refer to.”

Simran Pasricha, Balwyn High School

“The insight into exam tricks is sure to help when revising and doing practise exams…what was good was the concepts behind the topics being learnt. It should help to make remembering things easier…Handwritten solutions were helpful in seeing how the answers should be set out in the exam”

Harith Fernando, Mount Waverley Secondary College

“Amazing. Derrick covered the materials really well. He zoomed into the specific topics and had an emphasis on conceptual understanding.”

Trung Ngo, Haileybury College

“The videos – funny AND informative, laughter is the best learning environment…I really enjoyed seeing Derrick work out solutions – he broke them into steps which made them easy to follow…The book was presented nicely as well, with lots of explanations. Great job!”

Sophie Landells, Avila College

“Very detailed. Thorough solutions showing each thought process. Gained great insight and definitely worthwhile attending this lecture.”

Karen Trinh, Chandler Secondary College

“I like the fact that Derrick interactively demonstrated full worked solutions. The book is superb – very comprehensive notes!! I will definitely recommend you next year”

Anika Formichelli, Haileybury College

“The book is really good because it provides explanations as well as summaries in depth…I like the stuff that isn’t in the textbook.”

Chavy Arora, MacRobertson Girls’ High School

“It was great to learn the exam techniques and the ways you tackled your exams. This is a powerful tool that I needed… Derrick is a very confident and friendly presenter :-)”.
Deevya Gupta, University High School

“The explanations were very precise and appropriate to the course. He answered a lot of questions that I had in mind so I didn’t really need to put my hand up at all. Best lecture I’ve ever been to.”

Monica Huynh, Templestowe College

“I learnt how to think ‘outside the square’…The notes are fantastic and overall the lecture was interactive.”

Trisha Chandra, Presbyterian Ladies College

“Great! Definitely improved my understanding on topics, and focused my attention towards areas that need further revision. Gave me a much more positive opinion on maths as a whole!”

Asha Jois, Box Hill High School

“The best lecture notes I have come across”
Dan Hosanee, Lighthouse Christian College

“The videos were an excellent way to make links, especially as I feel I am a very visual learner. I loved the hand written examples in front of our eyes! Thank so much Derrick, it was fantastic! I appreciate the book you have compiled with clear explanations and sketches.”
Kubra Basak, Haileybury College

“I liked how you gave worked examples by hand. I never understand typed up ones!”
Caroline Trang, Avila College

“Very good lecture, good method of presenting information, very good notes. Highly recommended.”

Jonathan Amirthanathan, Balwyn High School

“I most enjoyed the explanation of theory in a way that is understandable and practical. An enthusiastic and entertaining presentation.”

Brodie Pullar, Haileybury College

“His explanations were very clear and easy to understand”

Rie Imai, Frankston High School

“A recent VCE student was able to deliver a comprehensive and first hand experience, instead of some author/checkpoints author…It’s evident that Derrick knows his stuff, and the fact that a reference book is provided makes Derrick Ha’s coaching seem more preferential compared to TSFX and Neap. 9.8 out of 10”

Duane Perera, Balwyn High School

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