About Kimberley Chin

Kimberley graduated from Presbyterian Ladies’ College with an ATAR of 99.20. She is completing a double degree in Engineering & Computer Science and is the recipient of the Women in IT scholarship from Monash University. Her mathematical talent is highlighted by her decision to study University Mathematics during her VCE, in addition to Specialist Maths and Maths Methods. She also won the Specialist Mathematics Prize as the top student at PLC.

  Subject Scaled Study Score (Raw score in brackets)
Top 4 Specialist Mathematics 53.10 (44)
Mathematical Methods 47.97 (44)
Chemistry 45.18 (42)
English  39.22 (40)
5th Subject Physics 4.49 increment (43)
6th Subject University Mathematics 4.00 increment
    Aggregate = 193.96

Separate from her VCE results, Kimberley received a High Distinction in the Physics Australian Science Olympiad (2020) and a Major Bursary for the Science Talent Search (2018). She was a member of a Top 30 Team in the Global Digital Inclusion Challenge (2020) and another team that received Gold in the OzClo Computational & Linguistics Olympiad (2021). In addition to her academic achievements, she was also a member of the Student Leadership Team at Presbyterian Ladies’ College and has performed in many music ensembles.

Kimberley was taught by Derrick during her Year 11 and 12 studies in Maths Methods and Specialist Maths. She was selected to join the team at Derrick Ha Student Coaching Services because of her mathematical prowess and her aptitude for explaining ideas and concepts.